Application Cover Letter Example


Application Cover Letter Example Most overseas rig jobs do not need a school degree. However , this does not imply you can afford to be careless when writing your job application letter. If you make spelling errors or have obvious grammatical problems, this gives a bad impression. Much more a person wonder if you will be similarly careless while working on you can actually multi-billion dollar oil going platform (a deepwater device can cost up to $1, 000, 000 a DAY to operate).

It's really easy to fix punctuational mistakes nowadays. MS-Word features a feature to detect in addition to fix spelling and syntax mistakes (red squiggly underline for the former, green for that latter). The free phrase processing program, Open Workplace, has similar functionality. Simply run your cover letter as well as resume through one of these applications before you submit your job plan so that you don't look like a trick.

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