Job Application Cover Letter Samples


Job Application Cover Letter Samples I've sent this specific letter to you in order to describe my reasons behind requesting financing modification on my mortgage. Prior to last year, I had never made some sort of late payment on some of my monthly expenses, however after the death of my hubby things have been increasingly to be able to handle. I am requesting the reduction down to 6. 25% from my current eight. 80%. I feel it is a reasonable percentage for you, and it is simply within my means.

Just before my husband passed away, we had the two been making more than enough to pay for our mortgage. Once our own interest rate rose to ten. 24% and we had absolutely no difficulty paying it. Still once he passed away I had been left with half of the month-to-month income I had before. I was pulling together enough to pay for the bills and home loan by pulling from the savings and the small amount of life insurance coverage I received, but We have run dry and have none other option than to request a new manageable, fixed interest rate of your mouth.

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