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If you are an Aerobics Instructor and want to make a resume but you do not have any ideas how to make a good resume you are on the right place because we are here to give you the sample resume for Aerobics Instructor that you can use for free. This resume is for all kinds of aerobics because there are many kinds of aerobic such as zumba, High impact, low Impact., Aerobic sport and much more. This resume also can be use for fitness instructor. On this resume you will know what the words that you have to put in your resume to increase the chance you will accepted as instructor.

To become the instructor is not easy you have to know how to give spirit to your student to achieve your goal. We know that the purpose of Aerobics is to get body health but another goal is to weight loss. We sure that most of you who go to the Aerobics is want to weight loss, and Aerobics is one of the fastest way to loss your fat. For all pf you who need the Aerobics Instructor resume sample just take a look to the sample below.

Sample Aerobics Instructor Resume
Dudi Nanny
City, State
28th Street, Avenue
Home: 021-908-5487
Cell: 561-798-5456
E-mail Address:


An experienced, gifted and professional aerobic exercise instructor with understanding of various aerobic activities and programs. Experience of games training, reflexive aerobic exercise, roadwork training, step training and fundamental gym training. Searching for any position to make use of my abilities and experience of a properly organized atmosphere within the pointed out field.


Seeking a challenging Aerobics Instructor position utilizing creativity and true desire to educate.


  • Extensive understanding training techniques and techniques of human body, exercises and cardiovascular systems
  • Capability to use and choose instructional training methods and techniques training something totally new
  • Possess excellent verbal and written communication abilities
  • Seem understanding of dealing with behavior and affective disorders
  • Have good teaching abilities and mental research techniques
  • In-depth understanding of techniques and concepts for curriculum and style training, teaching and instruction for groups and people
  • Skilled in teaching various aerobic exercise exercises
  • Aerobic exercise Instructor, 2010 to Present
  • Princeton College, Princeton, NJ
  • Organized indoor and outside games for example baseball, volleyball and basketball.
  • Trained proper breathing techniques used during physical effort.
  • Instructed and shown utilization of gymnastic and training equipment for example trampolines and weights.
  • Trained aerobic exercise, gymnastics, fighting techinques training and intensive calisthenics.
  • Educated and implemented rules of safety and rules regulating sports, leisure activities and using fitness equipment.


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Capability to organize competitions and competitions
  • Wide understanding of sports techniques
  • Profound capability to explain techniques and actions clearly
  • Immense capability to educate a number of aerobic exercise classes for example water aerobic exercise, step aerobic exercise, and everywhere impact aerobic exercise
  • Extended capability to instruct students with specifics of diet, weight loss and lifestyle issues
  • In-depth understanding of concepts, practices, teaching techniques and methods that offer positive motivation of rules, methods, and abilities from the heart, human body exercise science and a number of strength training programming and injuries prevention.
  • Exceptional understanding of concepts and procedures for supplying customer and private services.
  • Strong understanding of concepts and techniques for curriculum and training design, teaching and instruction for people and groups, and also the measurement of coaching effects.
  • Seem understanding of human behavior and gratifaction individual variations in ability, personality, and interests learning and motivation mental research techniques and also the assessment and management of behavior and affective disorders.
  • Excellent understanding from the structure and content from the British language such as the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.
  • Solid understanding of concepts and techniques for showing, marketing, and selling items or services.
  • Uncommon capability to educate others how to behave.
  • Excellent communication skill


B.S in Physical Education, 2006, XXXX University
Aerobics Trainer Certification, 2008, XXXX University

Bachelor of Science, Science college Boulevard, 20012

Reference: Available On Request

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