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If you love to help people, managing traffic job is one of the best choice for you. There are 2 kinds of managing traffic job one on the land and in the air. But on this post we gonna talk about the Air Traffic Controller, And for all of you who want to become the Air Traffic Controller you have to have some skills because is not easy to control the air traffic although all the things has computerize but still you must have the agility to do your job. To become the Air Traffic Controller is not easy beside you must have skills, responsibility, agility you also must have a good and professional resume because a good resume will give you one point and increase the chance to get interview by HRD.

There are several skills that you must have when you decide to become Air Traffic Controller such as time management, analytic thinking, calm if under pressure situation, good skill in operating computer, good eyes and good communication because you will always communicate with pilot to arrange the plane when to landing or take off, Because you have to control the planes and we know that is not 1-2 planes on the sky that you have to control and avoid from crash. If you think that you have qualified to become the Air Traffic Controller you have to take a look to the sample resume that we give it to you below.


David l. Chadra
171 Aveneu street Court
Chicago Park, CA 784563
Phone: (222) XXX-XXXX


I am a properly-organized person with appear hearing and speaking abilities according to years of air traffic controlling experience. I have to be employed in it and apply my capabilities and experience with preserving your investment and lives safe with precise communications.


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Greater than 5 years experience.
  • Thorough understanding of transmission, broadcasting, switching, control, and operation of telecommunications systems

    .Deep understanding and conjecture of physical concepts, laws and regulations, their interrelationships, and programs to understanding fluid, material, and atmospheric dynamics, and mechanical, electrical, atomic and sub-atomic structures and procedures.

  • Profound understanding of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, as well as their programs.
  • Seem understanding of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronics, and computer software and hardware, including programs and programming.
  • Profound capability to give aircraft pilots directions rapidly and clearly.
  • Strong intelligence along with a good memory.
  • Strong capability to be decisive and for that reason capable of making quick and accurate choices.
  • Outstanding capability to concentrate.
  • In-depth aptitude for dealing with computer systems, instrument and equipment.
  • Highly self-motivated and independent.
  • Very capable of working inside a team.


  • Excellent understanding and obvious request from the British language


Professional Experience:

  • Talk to, relay flight intends to, and coordinate movement of air traffic between control centers.
  • Determine timing of and technique of flight vector alterations in sector.
  • Issue landing and take-off authorizations and directions, and communicate additional information to aircraft.
  • Control air traffic at and within vicinity of airport terminal.
  • Recommend flight path changes to planes driving storms or fog or perhaps in emergencies.
  • Relay air traffic information, for example altitude, expected duration of arrival, and span of aircraft to manage centers.
  • Transfer charge of departing plane tickets to traffic control center and accept charge of coming plane tickets from air traffic control center.
  • Evaluate factors, for example weather reviews, fuel needs, and maps to find out plane tickets and air routes.
  • Direct radio looks for aircraft, and alert control centers emergency facilities of flight difficulties.
  • Inspect, adjust, and control radio equipment and airport terminal lights.
  • Complete daily activity report and record of messages from aircraft.
  • Review records and reviews for clearness and completeness and keep records and reviews..


Education and Training:

Bachelor’s Degree in Air Traffic Control
AAA University, New York

Certified Air Traffic Controller


Reference: Available On Request


There is a resume sample for all of you who want to apply as Air Traffic Controller. We hope this resume sample will help you to accepted and build a carrier as Air Traffic Controller. For more resume samples please check the gallery below.


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