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If you want to apply as case manager you have to has a good resume that tell all about yourself and experience. Is not easy to become the good case manager because to do that you has a good personality and ability to become a leader and always calm is all situation especially under pressure. you also must know how to communicate with your subordinates and also to become the motivator in the same time. In brief that is not easy to become the case manager and to apply you will need the professional Case Manager Resume Sample that we have various sample to use for all of you who want to apply as case manager.

Here is is a resume sample for case manager. We have another resume that you can use for free by browsing our image gallery below. Do not forget to take a look Office manager resume sample.

1429 Northwest Street | Chicago, IL 02042 | (202) 667-3932 |
Michael Samuelsson

Providence University, Scranton, PAMaster in Human Services, 2005
  • Substance Abuse and Youth, 2003
  • Fair Housing, Office of the People’s Counsel, Training, 2001
  • Chicago University Hospital, Chicago, IL
  • Case Manager, 2003 – Current
  • Created actionable service plans for uninsured clients through close collaboration with mental healthcare professionals, community based organizations, and government agencies – enabling approximately 95% of clients to achieve their stated goals
  • Provided counseling and guidance to clients and their family members to ensure clients me their objectives and tasks
  • Instituted monitoring and progress tracking, continuous re-evaluation, and adjusted service plans accordingly – ensuring clients
  • maintained progress throughout their treatment plan

Chicago Center ,Chicago, IL

Outreach Specialist, 2001 – February 2003

  • Worked with people diagnosed with HIV to improve their quality of life through intensive, one on one counseling
  • Provided detailed care to clients across a variety of social, economic,and ethic backgrounds – including persons with substance abuse issues and homeless individuals
  • Delivered comprehensive diagnosis for each client, including performing initial intake and assessment and bio-psychosocial analysis, resulting in accurate and timely referral to approximately 10 social service agencies across the Chicago region
  • Led a outreach team of 25 in promoting HIV awareness throughout the community by conducting public presentations, handing out information pamphlets in community centers, and circulated hundreds of free informational pamphlets
Social Services Corp.
, Scranton, PAReferral Specialist, 1997 – 1999
  • Supervised a outreach team of 10 in promoting HIV and AIDS awareness among the African-American and Asian community


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