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We have the professional Dental Assistant Resume Example that we give you for free. we sure that most of who want to apply a job does not have any ideas how to write a good resume and we are here to give you for free. We are sure that this resume also a good sample for all of you who want to work in dental resource as Assistant. You must have the great skill that related to medical world when you decided to become the assistant dental resume. As Assistant you have to know how to support the dentist to become more effectively when they treat patient. you also must have good communication skill to talk with the patient and feel they comport especially for the kids.

To write a good resume you have to start with your profile summary. On this section you have to write about yourself clearly because according to the research that more than 70% the HRD department decided to take to the next level of job seeker after they read the profile summary. to find out how to write a good Dental Assistant Resume you have to take a look to the sample below.


Reynold Omas
5674 Post Oak Drive
Great's Summit, Missouri 87984
Home: xxx-xxx-xxx
Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx


Seeking to have a challenging and rewarding position with growth possibilities like a Dental Assistant, where my abilities are effectively employed to their maximum potential. An eager and focused youthful person that can follow instructions and remain calm in emergencies. Adrian includes a good knowledge of dental surgery methods, including using sedative drugs and anaesthetics. He's reasonably healthy and fit, with higher posture and it has high amounts of personal hygiene. He'll have the ability to anticipate the requirements of a dental professional and it is presently searching for any appropriate position by having an exciting and trustworthy dental surgery.


  • Highly gifted Dental Assistant with Various experience of planning patients, sterilizing instruments, establishing instrument trays, and planning the types of materials utilized in dental methods maintaining your patient's mouth free from debris throughout the procedure handing the dental professional the right instruments taking impressions and taking x-sun rays.
  • In a position to communicate effectively utilizing seem judgment, self-motivation, eagerness and readiness to understand, oriented towards efficiency and organization, independent however with dedication to team success and assignment at hands.

Work Experience:

Dental Assistant: June 2012 - Present, Gift Dental Associates, Manhattan, NY

  •  Handing dentists instruments during methods.
  •  Precisely upgrading a patients paper and computer records.
  •  Writing letters to patients.
  •  Sterilising dental instruments.
  •  Ancillary services i.e. teeth bleaching, orthodontics.
  •  Planning bills and taking payment from patients.
  •  How the most typical dental instruments are utilized.
  •  Dental terminology and vocabulary.
  •  Planning someone to appear with a dental professional.
  •  Planning materials for impressions and restorations.
  •  Ordering dental supplies.
  •  Reception responsibilities, greeting patients, booking them and responding to their queries.


  • Strong customer relation abilities, capable of making patients feel calm & comfortable.
  •  An amiable, caring and mature attitude.
  •  Good listening abilities and empathic to the requirements of others.
  •  Not squeamish and comfy with seeing/handling bodily liquids and bloodstream.? Deal with demanding situations i.e. upset and emotional patients.


Certified Dental Assistant

Certificate Advanced First Aid

Certificate CPR


American Dental Assistants Association

Reference: Available On Request

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