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Easy Resume Builder John Smith2, was obviously a client who found all of us referred by 1 the corporate partners. In our conversation, John was definite in terms of a career change but they did not have any specific jobs in mind. Through your consultation, it was apparent that John was a classic kind of a candidate who was extremely qualified but undersold himself within the resume. Since John have been sure he wanted an extra management job but still did not have any specific task in mind, we focused on transferable management competencies. These are abilities that are typical of management jobs but were lacking from his original resume. By highlighting your transferable management skills like expert, financial acumen, planning, managing team performance, etc . you may broaden the opportunities available to you.

Often we see resumes explaining only what somebody really does but not the result of them. Businesses pay for results. Therefore concentrate on describing and quantifying the actual results/outcomes of what you are. John's Examples "Supervised salaries department" vs . "Lead an employee of 8 direct testimonials to process six payrolls with a cost of $76 million annually". Configured SAP to obtain Org Management and Learn Information reporting" vs . "Configured SAP for improved Org Administration and Master Information capacity and reporting that will decreased errors by thirty percent as well as required 1/5 from the initial turn around time".

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