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If you have kids you will need nanny and you also will need the resume when you want to apply as nanny. we know that most of use does not know how to make the resume and because of that we are here to give you the Nanny Resume Sample that we provide for free for all of you who want to apply as nanny. The other mean of nanny is babysitter who has job to take care the baby when the mother or father go to work. the nanny also need at daycare fasilitas and not only in a home. If you do not have any experience to become a nanny you have to think before you decided to become nanny because the task of nanny is not easy because you must have some skills that you can prove that you are could take care a children.

Nanny is a good job carrier but you have to ready that you probably will far away from your family because most of the nanny also live in the same home with the kids and only get the day off several days in month. To get accepted to become nanny you must have the great nanny resume sample and if you do not know idea how to write a good resume you have to take a look to the nanny sample resume below and use by yourself in your job application.

Linda Harris
Nanny CV

PO Box 451 New york, CA 567892 (154) 567-2895

A properly mannered, articulate and responsible nanny, with lot of experience and curiosity about children as well as their development. A good child carer who's psychologically mature and have high levels of energy as well as an capability to develop close associations with children and families. Having excellent communication abilities capable to relate well with individuals whatsoever levels and converse inside a polite and respectful manner. Capable of working for an excellent standard under considerable pressure although showing an optimistic image to other people.Keen to locate a challenging position inside a responsible employer where I'll be in a position to still increase my experience & develop my capabilities..
Childcare Agency – Boston
NANNY June 2012 - Present
Responsible for looking after two young children, one of them being a baby. Being totally focused on the children, organising and implementing their daily routines and helping then to grow learn and develop.
  • Take care of children and keep them safety
  • Prepare the children in the morning to go to school
  • playing,reading useful book with children
  • Go to social event with children
  • TO do homework with children
  • Discipline when needed
  • bathing children in morning and evening
  • Give the children food
  • playing in the park with children
  • Tidy up children bedroom
  • Tidy up the playing area after children play
  • cleaning, washing up and ironing for the whole family not only for children
  • Give the babies a milk


  • Has experience to accompany first time mother and old people
  • Get ready anything to travel with family
  • Ha good attitude to keep the children safe with me
  • Has driver license
  • attractive, creative and want to listen


Children’s Care Learning and Development

xxxxx College 2008 - 2010

REFERENCES – Available on request.


There is a resume sample for all of you who want to apply as nanny. If you need more nanny resume examples feel free to take a look to our resum gallery below.

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